Keynote Speaker

Samantha North - Keynote Speaker, Brand Jamaica Symposium; Journalist, Place Brand Specialist

Samantha North – Keynote Speaker, Brand Jamaica Symposium; Journalist, Place Brand Specialist

Samantha North – Journalist | Place Specialist Founder, PlacesBrands Consultancy

Samantha North is a British journalist and place-branding specialist. In 2012, she founded PlacesBrands, a media outlet designed to analyse the latest trends and developments in place branding. PlacesBrands quickly become an influential voice in the field of nation and place brands and enjoys a committed international audience. Ms. North is now a sought after consultant involved in a range of international place-related projects.

She travels extensively and has consulted on place brand projects countries as diverse as China, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Jordan, and Turkey. Her clients have included the Qatar Olympic Committee, Ernst & Young, the City of Antwerp, Connect Limburg, and UP There Everywhere.

Samantha’s writing has been published in Al Jazeera UK, the Daily Telegraph, City Metric, New Internationalist, and Time Out. She also contributes a regular column on nation branding for London-based print publication Transform Magazine. In addition, Ms. North’s expertise is sought after and represented at City Nation Place, UK – a new forum for those involved in establishing brand strategies for their cities, nation and regions.

A graduate of the University of Exeter, UK, Samantha  also a Masters degree in business and economics from Belgium’s Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel. She is also a trained journalist.

Her first book, Wish You Were Here Too: A Revolution for People and Places, co-authored with fellow place brand specialist Julian Stubbs, is due to be published in late 2015 by Create Space.

Samantha is currently based in Istanbul. For more information on her work on places, see her portfolio at

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