Message from Chairs

Dr. Hume Johnson – Co-Chair, Brand Jamaica Symposium 2015

Welcome to the inaugural Brand Jamaica Symposium! We are excited to partner with the Centre for Leadership and Governance at UWI to begin this important conversation about Jamaica’s public image, its challenges and potentials.

This symposium, held under the theme, ‘Re-Imagine Jamaica: Unlimited Possibilities’, brings together key professionals and practitioners in business, tourism, creative industries, sports, science and technology, media communication, marketing, politics, and academia. The goal is to discuss key issues, trends, challenges and practices that are shaping Jamaica’s public international image, as well as share experiences, perspectives, insights and the latest developments in the national drive to lift, promote and protect Brand Jamaica.

Nations, regions and cities are today competing with each other for their share of the world’s tourists, investment, aid, students, for buyers of their products and services, and for talent as well as for the attention and respect of the media and the global community. The new global economy is imposing on all states the obligation to develop, manage and leverage their image in order to stand out in a competitive global marketplace. This process is particularly important for developing countries as they try to boost their economies and attract investment. Australia, South Africa, Spain, Britain, the Bahamas, Maldives, Ecuador, Malaysia and Costa Rica are among a plethora of nations taking steps to aggressively brand their nations. Jamaica has a powerful symbolic image.

Dr. Kamille Gentles-Peart - Co-Chair, Brand Jamaica Symposium 2015

Dr. Kamille Gentles-Peart – Co-Chair, Brand Jamaica Symposium 2015

Many aspects of the Jamaican brand exhibit extraordinary presence, influence and promise (e.g. tourism, sports; a vibrant culture and world famous export products). Yet, it is important to acknowledge that there are also dangerous deficits, and a prolonged crisis embodied in poor governance – violent crime, breaches of human rights, poverty and rising employment. These negative discourses have simultaneously served to undermine Jamaica in international public opinion, and disrupt its capacity to take full advantage of its moral, social, economic and cultural capital.

Over two days, we hope to explore some of these key issues with our delegates. We are striving to build an engaged community where all Jamaicans realize their ownership of, and their important role in the advancement of Brand Jamaica. We are grateful to our sponsors – Spanish Court Hotel, Power 106 FM/Music 99 and Peart Consulting – for supporting our vision.

Join the conversation…..


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