Speakers & Panels


Re:Imagine Jamaica: Unlimited Possibilities

A Brand Jamaica Symposium

University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, July 16-17, 2015


DAY 1 – THURSDAY, JULY 16, 2015


9:00 –  9:15AM        Opening Remarks

Introductions and Conference Goals

9:15 –  10:30AM      Brand Jamaica and Identity: Defining Jamaica on its Own Terms

This panel will explore how Jamaica may define itself on its own terms, and make claims to its own identity based on the consensus of all stakeholders.

CHAIR: Kamille Gentles-Peart, Associate Professor, Roger Williams University, USA, and Scholar of West Indian Diaspora


Moji Anderson and Erin MacLeod – Senior Lecturer, Anthropology, UWI Mona; Lecturer, Cultural Studies, UWI Mona

Back to the Brand: Inequality and Alienation through “Brand Jamaica”

Cordel GreenExecutive Director, Jamaica Broadcasting Commission

UnMasking Jamaica: Who are We? Who Would We Like to Be?

Hume Johnson – Chairman, The Re:Imagine Jamaica Project and Assistant Professor of Public Relations, Roger Williams University, USA

The Brand Jamaica Dialectic: Exploring the Duality in Jamaica’s Public Image


10:40 – 12:00PM        Re-imagining Tourism: Beyond Sand, Sun And Sea

This panel will discuss the contemporary approach to tourism campaigns and promoting Jamaica. It seeks to re-imagine tourism beyond the sun, sand and sea, as well as new innovative ways of attracting visitors to the country.

CHAIR: Hon. Raymond Pryce – Member of Parliament, North East, St. Elizabeth.


Alana Osbourne – PhD. Student, University of Amsterdam

Imaginary Tourisms: Aestheticizing Poverty and Violence in Trench Town, Jamaica

Zachary Harding – President, Phoenix Group, and Former Deputy Director, Tourism

Re:Imagining Tourism in Jamaica: New Trajectories; New Vistas

Nicola Madden Greig – President, Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA)

Branding Kingston: Role of Parish Brands in Positioning Brand Jamaica

Sydney Henry – Project Director, Sandals Foundation

Expanding Tourism Beyond Sun, Sand & Sea – The Sandals Synergy


12:00 – 1:00PM         *LUNCH*

Special Presentation:

Michael McMorris – CEO, Kronos Investment and Board Chair, VMBS


1:30 – 3:00PM        Popular Culture, Creative Industries and Brand Jamaica

This panel explores the ways in which the Creative Industries may be mobilized to develop, promote and project Jamaica’s multifaceted image to the world.

CHAIR:  Carole Beckford – Film Commissioner & Manager, Creative Industries, JAMPRO


Dr. Donna Hope-Marquis – Director, and Senior Lecturer, Institute of Caribbean Studies

Tanya G Davies – Lecturer, Video Production & Illustration, University of Technology (UTECH)

The Soft Economy: Producing, Marketing and Branding Jamaica the Korean Way

Deborah Hickling Chair, InterMinisterial Technical Working Group, National Cultural and Creative Industries Commission, OPM, Jamaica

Creative Economic Policy Development: The Case of Jamaica

Saudicka Diaram  – Journalist

The New Image of Dancehall:  Captivating the World?

3:10 – 4:30PM        Who Owns Jamaica?: Protecting Jamaica’s Symbols and Identity

This panel will address the governance and management of Jamaica’s intellectual property, highlighting contemporary practices and challenges including usage, contamination and exploitation of national symbols, as well as how Jamaica may leverage its symbols for economic advantage.

CHAIR: Patrick Barrett ( aka ‘Tony Rebel’) – Reggae Artiste & Promoter


Natalie Corthesy  – Attorney-at-Law, PhD Student, Queen Mary University of London

Thinking Outside the Brand – From Nationalism to Competitiveness

Troy Folkes – Master’s Student, Cultural Studies, UWI Mona

Capitalising on Brand Jamaica through Music and Sports

Lilyclaire Bellamy – Executive Director (Acting)/Legal Counsel, Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO)

Jamaica’s Copyright  Agenda


4:40 – 6:00PM        Governance and Jamaica’s International Image

This panel will explore the impact of Jamaica’s reputational challenges (perceptions of poor human rights record; homophobia, crime and police brutality, corruption etc.) on the country’s global image, and develop measures to address, counter and challenge them.

CHAIR: Sharon Hay Webster, Talk Show Host, Former Member of Parliament.


Lloyd Waller – Senior Lecturer & Director, Centre for Leadership and Governance, UWI

Values and Attitudes: Their Role in Re:Imaging Jamaica

Jaevion Nelson – Human Rights and Development Practitioner

Opportunity in Crisis: (Re)Presenting Jamaica – The Most Homophobic Place on Earth

Anna Kasafi Perkins Researcher and Lecturer, UWI

Brand Jamaica and the Economic Cost of Homophobia: Beginning the Conversation



Venue: Undercroft Building, UWI, Time: 7:00pm

Samantha North – Nation Brand Specialist and Journalist and Founder, PlacesBrands (Istanbul Turkey)

Nation Branding: From Global Perspectives to Local Insights

CHAIR – Cordel Green Executive Director, Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica






DAY 2 – FRIDAY, JULY 17, 2015

9:00 – 9:30 AM        SPEAKER SESSION: Social Inclusion, Social Investment and Brand Jamaica

Dr. Kadamawe K’nIfe

Lecturer, Marketing, International Business, Entrepreneurship, University of the West

Indies, Mona

9:40 –  11:00 AM    JAMAICA: A Place of Choice to Do Business?: Perspectives from the

Business Sector

This panel will explore the intersections between Jamaica’s reputation and brand image and its ability to attract foreign direct investment, and opportunities for leveraging products and services for economic benefit. Speakers will address the issues and variables that both deter and appeal to investors.

CHAIR: DiMario McDowell, Entrepreneur and Creative Designer


Stephen Johnson  – Research Fellow, Centre for Leadership & Governance, UWI, Mona

Brand Jamaica and the Domestic Trade Value Chain

Roselyn Fisher – General Manager, Marketech Limited (A Subsidiary of the Scientific Research Council, SRC)

Leveraging Jamaica’s Nutraceutical Products for a Global Market

Delano Seiveright – Director of the Cannabis Commercial and Medicinal Research Taskforce

Ganja as Commodity: Economic Prospects for Jamaica


11:10 – 12:30PM    Beyond the Track: Building Jamaica’s Sports Brand and Economy

This panel explores the ways in which Jamaica’s sports image may be

expanded beyond Track and Field, and how the country may better harness the

global capital accrued from this industry to create a more complex image of Jamaica.

CHAIR: Donald Oliver – Sports Broadcaster and Commentator


Julian Cresser – Sports Researcher & Lecturer, Dept of History, UWI Mona

Sport and the Construction of National Identities in an Age of Globalization

Karen Madden – Sports Reporter & Analyst, RJR Communications Group

        Playing Ball – The Closely Guarded Secret of Success for Brand Jamaica

        Dennis HowardManaging Director, Institute of Cultural Policy and Innovation

Branding, Football Philosophy and Marketing Jamaica Through the Reggae Boyz


12:30 – 1:30PM        *LUNCH*


2:00 – 3:20PM        Jamaica To The “Worl’: Brand Jamaica, Global Reputation and Community Relations  

This panel explores how Jamaicans and Jamaican organisations, both at home and abroad, treat and are treated by various publics, and  the consequences for Jamaica’s global image.  

CHAIR: Kathy Francis McClure, Management Consultant


Hon. Arnaldo Brown – Minister of State, Foreign Affairs and Trade (with responsibility for Diaspora Affairs)

Hope McNish – Human Resources Management Consultant

Jamaica “No Problem”: Achieving The Customer Service Image Fit For Brand Jamaica

Kamille Gentles-Peart – Associate Professor, Roger Williams University, USA, and Scholar of West Indian Diaspora

Voices From The Diaspora.


3:30 – 5:00PM        Communicating Brand Jamaica: Challenges & Opportunities

This panel will explore how Jamaica may handle communication challenges during times of crisis (e.g. natural disasters, political unrest, outbreaks of disease etc.), as well as how to deploy the internet to reposition the Jamaican brand, and create and disseminate a more complex narrative about Jamaica to the world.

CHAIR: Saudicka Diaram – Journalist


Stacy-Ann HaylesIndependent Digital Marketing Consultant

Repositioning Brand Jamaica: A Social Media Approach

Gordon Swaby – Internet Entrepreneur

Using the Internet to Push Jamaican Informational Products: The Case of EduFocal

Kate Chappell – Journalist, Blogger, Canadian Volunteer, Cuso International

Jamaica: Land of Wood, Water and ChikV?

5:00 – 7:00PM         Closing Remarks and Reception


Venue: Undercroft Building, UWI,

Time: 5:00pm – 7pm





One thought on “Speakers & Panels

  1. […] Despite the negatives associated with the concept of branding the conference itself produced a number of spirited panels and discussions. From the simplistic appeal of the President of the Jamaica Hotel and Tourism Association for self-censorship (in effect complaining that Jamaicans had tweeted too much about the Chik-V outbreak here last year scaring tourists away in the process—one couldn’t help wondering–would she rather they had come here and succumbed to the epidemic? How would that have enhanced Jamaica’s image?) to the Executive Director of the Broadcasting Commission, Cordel Green’s observation that there is nothing at Jamaica’s airports to announce to tourists their arrival in Reggae country to Anna Perkins’ paper on the economic costs of homophobia the conference was rich and diverse.  Alana Osbourne, a PhD. Student from the University of Amsterdam spoke on Aestheticizing Poverty and Violence in Trench Town, Jamaica. For a full list of speakers and topics go here. […]


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